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Brenda Libby: News

BL will Perform Tues. Nov. 20th, 7 - 9pm - November 14, 2018

If you live at the Lake, drop by LOTO in Osage Beach on Tuesday, Nov. 20th, between 7 and 9pm to hear Brenda Libby!

The owners of KRMS(AM) Talk Radio and 104.9 (FM), Dennis Klautzer & Ken Kuenzie called their longtime friend & asked her to join them to make a cameo appearance.

Brenda, accompanied by long time studio musician friend, Brad Edwards, will be performing a short show midway thru...sharing a few of her originals from her latest CD's.

If you live far away, or don't want to get out and about, this performance, I hear, will be televised via 104.9 fm Classic Country Radio's website~
Write us and let us know if you watch & come up and meet us if you grace us with your presence. Will be glad to meet some new fans of the music! bl

2 New Books to be released SOON!! - July 19, 2018

Check back to website or keep abreast of Brenda Libby on facebook…..
For the last year and a 1/2 this singer/songwriter has been busy penning 2 new books for her avid readers to enjoy.

1. Old Crow....which will include a good hard look at many good ol' boys who loved their hard liquor and ridin' the broncs and the bulls while maintaining a mostly admirable lifestyle in the Lake of the Ozarks. Readers will be treated to a glimpse of Camden County specifically during the 1950's from "reality to within gossipy reason".
Much unknown and well known history to tales, rumors and stories handed down through the ages will keep the interest alive and wanting more...

2. He's Not in the Black River...a novel, an exciting mystery. Truly an imaginary journey that could "almost" be true, but comes strictly from this author's love of stretching her talents throughout the many pages of intrigue. If you loved Scooby Doo and Nancy Drew as a child, you will most likely enjoy Vanna Carter Whitfield's search to prove that her short lived marriage was nothing but a sham...courtesy of the rich heir to the Whitfield fortune, Jonas Donovan Whitfield...and, he's still alive!

BOOK and MUSIC CD's - July 19, 2018

"On the Outskirts of CRAZY", written by Brenda Libby and published & released by Tate Publishing is available to order straight from the artist.
Simply send a check or money order for $20, plus $5 for s/h to:

Brenda Libby
Book order
P.O. Box 447
Roach, Mo. 65787

For ordering any of the artists music cd's, simply send a check or money order for $15 plus $3 for each CD requested to address below. Available are:
WMS's Top 10 Album for 2011,"On the Ouskirts of CRAZY...more or less",
True West's Favorite Western Music for 2012,"CHILLED",
the brand new released "Sassafras Roots"
and the 2013 compilation albums, "Fire Dances" and "Ozark Melody".

Brenda Libby
Music CD order
P.O. Box 447
Roach, Mo. 65787

SASSAFRAS ROOTS is rooted in my Ozark soul! - November 19, 2015

So excited to offer my Camden County friends & fans, all over the country & world, another entire music CD that features original songs from the storyteller & the pathfinder…
All the BL writings are sprinkled with Ozark flavorings!
Each individual number is based on all kinds of stories & tales I have been told or heard here & there. Or, they may have been conjured up from eavesdropping, like I did so well, as a child.
I heard lotsa people whispers & asides???

10 original roots songs are included and this album was produced by the talented Tim Crouch! Tim was born & raised in the Arkansas Ozarks and he is the bomb!!

We got a little help from another extra ordinary musician, Irl Hees, with harmonies on 3 songs and as the voice for the “Doc” on the Sundown song.
He also did some magic on one of the tracks, “Cool”.
But, I can’t tell You what it was.
If I told You, I’d hafta give up my firstborn.

Larry Marrs helped me to tell the sad story song I have been wanting to showcase for many years, on our duet, "Where the Dandelions Grow". Marrs great vocals takes You straight to the heart of the matter. What can happen when greed & abuse attempts to control & stop a pure & simple love story.

Order Yours today!! Tell all Your friends and folks whom You feel could be a fan.
Add a little spice to Your Christmas & Birthday list this year...give the gifts that readers & music lovers love... interesting & exciting books & original music!!
Thanks again for the many who have supported this gal, "addicted to music & words"~

ORDER Sassafras Roots Today! - October 16, 2015

The brand new Brenda Libby cd, Sassafras Roots is being duplicated, packaged & shipped to BL's office, as we speak.
Order Your copy NOW!

Send Your check or money order for $15.00 per cd, PLUS $3 for s/h (US) to:

Brenda Libby
Sassafras Roots
P.O. 447
Roach, Missouri 65787

10 originals, written & performed by Brenda Libby & produced by the talented Tim Crouch will be mailed back to You as soon as we receive Your instructions!

For 2-3 cd's, add $4.00
For 4-5 cd's, add $6.00 in the United States.
Any out of states, check with bl at
Mailing cost for 1 cd to Canada is $8.25.

Sassafras Roots!! - October 13, 2015

“We all say we come from somewhere.
And, those that born us came from somewhere. Coulda been somewhere else?
Or, it coulda been the very same, exact place we were born.

Add that to those that came before the ones that born us. The ones who surely brought with them little pieces of where they had lived, worked and pioneered to get to wherever it is this someplace is located.

Though we may not be aware of it, each member, most likely, has contributed to how our own lives have been shaped.
Good, bad or indifferent, influences are not a one size fits all…
Each one of us has a story to tell.
A few, like me, have been drawn, like flies, to all the stories we have heard.

Along the way, and throughout our lives, we remember, recall, forget half of, or, most of, and then; we are so sorry that we no longer have those who came before us to ask.

Interesting fragments of conversations begin to resurface. Topics that may have peaked our interest many years prior begin dancing from out behind those gauzy curtains.
Perhaps they were openly shared at reunions, they may have been whispered at family gatherings, laughed about at picnics, overheard in coffee shops, courthouses and diners or may have been interjected by, or disbelieved by, those with wandering thoughts during the canning season.
The whys and wherefores begin to haunt deep thinkers, like myself.

Growing up, straddling a fence between being a barefoot ranch/farm girl and a Sheriff’s daughter with a song in my heart, gave me lots of fodder for this hayride of writings that I have yearned to share with the listeners.
I hope that my western fans, and others as well, will “get” that this vagabond Ozarks gal, who moved out West and fell in love with it, remains continually torn about where to hang her hat.

But, in the end, I am, and, will always be Lynn & Rita Jo Libby’s middle child.
Brenda Libby from the Missouri Ozarks…
3rd daughter of a 3rd daughter & 5th child of a 5th child.

Much like the many pioneers and settlers, who learned how to rodeo their way across this country to reach that new beginning, I have drug all my visiting places and influences along with me.
Oft’ times I have felt I was in dire need of a pack mule for the really good ones!

The new CD should be forthcoming any day now!!
My wish is that listeners may find it appetizing enough to sup on more than once!

My intention is that I may be introducing an aromatic flavor to their kitchen table that will become a staple…”

Sassafras Roots is just about ready to be dug up & added to Your tea pot!!
Stay in tune!
Brenda Libby, a storyteller & a pathfinder
BTW: I just noticed that today is Oct. 13th. The very date my Granddad Bookhout passed away! I am sure he is telling me what a wonderfully, beautiful fall day it is to share the news of my upcoming album that will include a song written about he & I & our love of storytelling. SUNDOWN...dedicated to Lester Bookhout!


Brenda Libby, the singer/songwriter, has joined creative forces with a major musician/producer!
Their ultimate goal has been to bring the listeners a great album, filled with refreshing BL originals that will top all that has been heard prior.

Brenda Libby and Tim Crouch have been attempting to get together to work (or play & create would be more appropriate wording) on this project for the past couple + years. However, BL finally had to admit that the book, she recently released had to be dealt with before she could give her new music album her total focus.

Now that the book, Tate Publishing released nationwide in April, "On the Outskirts of CRAZY" has been launched, book signings booked and some already done...the artist felt it was time for her to contact Tim & get the talented cannonball musician rolling toward her music album.

And, get it started, HE HAS! With calm organization & what BL describes as genius musical skills in the studio, the upcoming CD is beginning to take flight & soar!
Whatever BL has heard in her head or hummed on her office demos, have become addictive sounds, amazing licks, sweet additions...calorie rich ear candy for the hungry audience. Subtle approaches blossom into full blown gardens without taking away from the storyline or the words. One enhances the other and sets the stage for a craving to hear the production again and again!

The album has been titled and graphics are in the works. Stay in tune for all the latest info on same. As soon as BL has a release date nailed down, the cover, list of songs & a sample will be posted here. You will be given the chance to pre-order, probably sometime near the end of September or very early October!!

"addicted to words & music"...

Latest Upcoming News... - July 8, 2015

Tate Publishing has launched a website specifically for my newly released book, "On the Outskirts of CRAZY".
Here is the place to go:

On this site You can read what prompted BL to write the book, some interesting, or not, facts about the "addicted to words & music" complaisant composite & where one can purchase the soft cover book or kindle.

To view the new trailer Tate has launched as well, go to:
Also, coming soon....
A new earthy album from Brenda Libby.
Now in the works is a project the artist has been wanting to do since before the book writing. She just knew she had to get the book outta her system, so that she could focus on the music alone. Lots more true story songs, & some with great imagination, with a little different flair to them.

The artist is excited about conspiring with 2 major musicians, who are very creative in their own rights, to make this an adventure! Stay in tune & she will let You know when You can Order Early!!

And, as always, thanks for the faithful support of many.

Ordering Info - July 8, 2015

To order music cd's or book from author, check out ordering info listed below:

Music cd's are $15 each. Or, 2 for $25. (Fire Dances is unavailable at this time)
S/H for music cd's is $3 for 1, $5 for 2.

A signed paperback book is $20 each.
$5 S/H for just the book or $7.00 for the book & 1 or 2 cd's.

Send check or MO to:
Brenda Libby
P.O. Box 447
Roach, Missouri 65787

Your book orders will be signed & sent back to You within the week money is received!
Thank You for Your support!

Upcoming Booksignings in the Lake of the Ozarks Area - April 15, 2015

Brenda Libby was contacted today, April 15th, by Tate Publishing, that 3 more businesses/libraries have voiced an interest in having the author host a book signing for "On the Outskirts of CRAZY".

May 23rd, it has been confirmed by the author that she will be at the Sunrise Beach Library from 10:30am to 12:30pm.
Sunrise Beach Library is located at 14156 N. Hwy.5 in Sunrise Beach, Mo.
You will able to purchase the new release & get it personally signed by Brenda Libby.

June 13, Omega Coffee Company is having the author there for a book signing from 10am to 12 Noon. Omega Coffee Company is located at 520 N. Main in Laurie, Missouri. Come by for an afternoon pick me up cup of coffee and a book for yourself and a friend!

June 20th, Brenda Libby will be signing the new release at the Camdenton Library in her hometown of Camdenton, Missouri. The Camdenton Library is located on Rodeo Drive in Camdenton. The author looks forward to seeing lotsa old friends and making new ones!

If You have already purchased a book and it is not signed, You are invited to attend any of the book signings to have this done. If You already have the book, You are welcome to purchase one for a friend or for anyone as a gift & get it autographed to them.
Come by and chat!

The wide circle of readers of On the Outskirts of CRAZY by Brenda Libby & published by Tate Publishing is quickly enlarging each day!
Thanks for Your support.

Comments on BOOK~ - April 8, 2015

"On the Outskirts of CRAZY" author, Brenda libby, had her first pre-release book signing event & is thrilled to be receiving comments from folks who have said they cannot lay it down until they were finished!

Here are a few lines from the fans:

"I am loving your book. And to say it that way; somehow seems very wrong. I feel like saying: I'm sorry about your book. Because to have written something like that, means you have gone through hell. The only good thing about it is: you came out on the other side.
Maybe the title should have been; "On the Other side of Hell"."

"Your Dad must have handed down some serious grit to You, girl! I am surprised You are vertical and taking nourishment!"

"Wowee! What a ride! Couldn't stop reading once I started!"

"i heard much forgiveness in Your lines. I feel this will go a long way toward Your continued healing."

"i'm about 1/2 way through "On the Outskirts of CRAZY". If I had to describe Your book in one word, it would be "Gripping!"

"i can well understand how writing down Your story has been cathartic. I've known many people with personality disorders and the wide range of severities can certainly confuse entire families. I will pray for Your healing to continue ."

"Brenda! I never knew You were going through so much trauma. If You ever need anything, please call me. Love and hugs."

Tate Publishing will release the book nationally and officially on April 21.
After that, hardcovers, softcovers & kindles will be on Your favorite bookstores shelves, can be ordered on,, at Costco, WalMart & softcovers & kindles will be available straight from the author or at!

Events Coming up, concerning new book release! - March 15, 2015

Saturday, March 21st, from 11am - 2pm, Brenda Libby will be at The Funky Buffalo, on West Hwy. 54 in Camdenton, Missouri for a book signing event for "On the Outskirts of CRAZY".
She's inviting all her old friends, classmates & fans of the music to attend and to "catch up"...Along w/the book, her western CD's will also be made available.

The book is now in pre-release mode and will be released nationally by Tate Publishing on April 21st. It will then be found on Your favorite bookstores store shelves & will also be available in hardcover and softcover for ordering and in kindle features for downloading at and
The book can now be found in softcover and kindle at
The author has also been booked for a speaking engagement on Saturday evening, April 18th.
Brenda Libby will address the Camdenton Class of 1965 at their 50th reunion celebration at The Inn at the Glaize Bridge in Osage Beach, Missouri. The author/artist will also share a couple of original tunes including one she wrote for her own class's 40th reunion, as well as, "J Bar H Rodeo".

Be the First to Read PreReleased copies of Libby's Book - February 8, 2015

Brenda Libby's new book is in Pre-release and is available thru the publisher, in softcover or kindle features NOW....

You may order Your signed, softcover copy straight from the author, NOW, as well!

Just mail Your good check or money order for $20.00 plus $5.00 for shipping to:
Brenda Libby
On the Outskirts of CRAZY, the book
P.O. Box 447
Roach, Mo. 65787

Be sure and include to Whom it should be signed to~

Locals in the Lake of the Ozarks area will be able to pick up their signed copies at the book signing in the next few weeks at The Funky Buffalo, on Hwy. 54 West in Camdenton, Missouri.
Hardcovers will be available at a later date.

Official, Nationwide Release of Libby's new book will be April 21st, when it will become available on, and will be showing up on all the bookshelves of Your favorite bookstores, as well as, Costco and WalMart.

Be the first to read this true, interesting, & sometimes mysterious story. Order from the author, or get Your softcover and/or kindle version from article - Local author Brenda Libby recently teamed up with Tate Publishing to publish her new book On the Outskirts of Crazy. - January 29, 2015 -- On the Outskirts of Crazy is a book narrating the trying moments she had experienced while her husband was going through Glioblastoma, a fatal, fast-growing malignant brain tumor.

"After my spouse's death from Glioblastoma, my decision to write the book came from over two years of pondering the issues, [and] being advised by medical professionals that I had a story to share that could possibly help others",shared Libby when reflecting on the inspiration behind her book. It also gave me the option to set the record straight for myself, if not for anyone else. It's been the most therapeutic exercise I have attempted in years!

When asked about their decision to sign the book, Tate Publishing acquisitions editor Kortney Disney responded, It really drew me in and made me want to read more!
— Kortney Disney

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book will be available upon its release through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Brenda Libby has always been addicted to words and music. At the age of 20, Brenda Libby and her first husband opened their own musical show, The Country Shindig, in Osage Beach, Missouri and it was an immediate success. It wasn't long before she felt the need to spread her wings and spent a few years writing with some of her mentors in Nashville, Tenn. Hall of Fame songwriter, Wayne Carson, produced 3 songs with Brenda and Give It Back enjoyed success in many playlists and was featured in Cashbox magazine, DJ Week, with a write up calling her singing style refreshing. After losing her voice for 2 years due to thyroid surgery in 1998, Brenda made God a promise that she would devote her life to using her talents to helping others when she could. After she got back her voice, her songwriting began soaring, along with the need to write. In 2011, amid the chaos Libby was living in her life, she was blessed with the Western Music Association naming On the Outskirts of Crazy a Top 10 hit album. After discussing some of her last few years traumas and misgivings with medical professionals, friends and others, including her husbands diagnosis, many advised that she certainly had the fodder for an exciting and interesting book. Thus, On the Outskirts of Crazy was born.

For more information or interview requests please contact Michelle Whitman, publicist, at (405) 458-5642 or send an email to

Michelle Whitman
Key Marketing Group

Brenda Libby signed w/Publisher... - October 7, 2014

Thursday, October 2, 2014
Local author signed to publish new book
Camdenton, MO. — Tate Publishing is proud to announce the signing of local author Brenda Libby and her soon-to-be-published book, On the Outskirts of Crazy.

“We are excited to welcome Brenda as our newest Tate author. Brenda is an accomplished songwriter and musician with an album debuting on the Western Way chart in the spring of 2014. Now, she is sharing the wild and harrowing ride that she lived for over 17 years. Her writing brings you into her world. Her journey will captivate you,” said Kortney Disney, the acquisitions editor for the book.

Published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, the book will be available upon its release through bookstores nationwide, from the publisher at, or by visiting or

Brenda Libby will visit w/Tommy Tucker - July 7, 2014

Brenda Libby is scheduled to visit w/Tommy Tucker on his Snake River Radio Roundup program on JULY 18th!
Tommy has been entertaining Idaho & other western states with his choices of western music, poetries, stories & interviews for quite some time & is well thought of by all the Western artists for his support of same.
Listen in & let Us know what You think of this Spencer Creek Gal, born & raised in the Ozarks, who fell, KERPLUNK, with Wyoming & all things western & can't stop writing & singing the praises & true stories of both!!

FIRE DANCES album debuts on Charts! - April 11, 2014

Brenda Libby's 2 new compilation albums, Fire Dances & Ozark Melody have been a hit with Western djs. Reports are that most are playing tracks from one or both of these new releases on nearly every weeks programs.

FIRE DANCES debuts at #16 on the Top 20 Charts in Western Way magazine's spring issue. This is the official magazine for the Western Music Association.

Also included in the spring issue is a fine review of these albums by Rick Huff in his BEST of the WEST Review!

Check out the issue at:

To Order Fire Dances or Ozark Melody! - December 18, 2013

Simply send a check or money order for $15 each, PLUS $3.50 s/h
or $30 for both, PLUS $5.00 s/h to:

Brenda Libby
P.O. Box 447
Roach, Missouri 65787

For those living locally in the Ozarks, send an email to and a place to pick them up & pay for the cds will be established~

Sorry about the sticker price on postage is what it is~
For those in Canada, Europe & other countries: ADD $8 for one cd and ADD $13.00 for 2 cd's. Anymore amounts, please send an email & i will try hard to get the best postal price available!
Awards Winners, "On the Outskirts of CRAZY" and "CHILLED" are still available for a limited time period.
Prices are the same for these great albums! (song list for these 2011 and 2012 cds are listed just below the new Fire Dances & Ozark Melody lists)
Brenda Libby will be teaming up with a "great" musician for a brand new list of 12 more originals! This new & eXciting undertaking is gonna be a kicker...Stay in tune to the website for news on this gem!

Song Lists of 4 Brenda Libby albums - November 7, 2013

Do Yourself a favor & Order “Fire Dances” today...& become old friends...

1. Fire Dances ‘Cross the Skies (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
2. I’m Here With You (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
3. Livin’ the Cowboy Way (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
4. One Man Rodeo (CHILLED)
5. On the Outskirts of Crazy (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
6. Wyoming Cowgirl Song (CHILLED)
7. Oh, My Child (CHILLED)
8. Better Cowgirl Up (CHILLED)
9. I RIDE MUSTANGS! (Classic demo)
10. If Love Don’t Find Me (CHILLED)
11. Blizzard in the Dakotas (CHILLED)
12. Ol’ Wyoming, My Wyoming (Instrumental)

You may just end up “on the banks of the mighty Osage” with Mother Sage

and wanna return again & again! Order “Ozark Melody” NOW!

LIST of Ozark Melody songs:
1. Ozark Melody (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
2. Ol’ Crankypants (CHILLED)
3. She’s A Legend (Taken for Granted)
4. Wadin’ a River (Taken for Granted)
5. J Bar H Rodeo (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
6. Picture Show (Taken for Granted)
7. Watchin’ the Rain Fall Down (On the Outskirts of Crazy)
8. Silver Horse ( Taken for Granted)
9. Like Ivy (Taken for Granted)
10. I Just Wanna Be (CHILLED)
11. Pickin’ Wild Mtn. Berries (Taken for Granted)
12. Mother Sage (On the Outskirts of Crazy)

Favorite Western Music of 2012 by True West Magazine, CHILLED song list:
1. If Love Don't Find Me
2. One Man Rodeo
3. I Just Wanna Be
4. Wyoming Cowgirl Song
5. Blizzard in the Dakotas
6. Made This Girl Sigh
7. These Okla. Hills
8. Better Cowgirl Up
9. That's How it Works in Texas
10. Oh, My Child
11. Whisper in the Winds
12. Ol' Crankypants
"You’ll be hearing several of the CHILLED songs on my future “Spirit of the West” programs, but if there’s one that could make it famous, it’s a song called “Oh, My Child”. Beautifully written and sung, it sets the scene of an aging rancher and his daughter riding along moving cattle, as he hopes there’ll be a cowboy in her future. It features a moving narration by Tony Smith of the Spencer Creek Ranch...and it is sure to get to You the way it got to me.
Hugh McLennan, Canadian Cowboy Country Mag,2012"

2011, Voted TOP 10 album by WMA, "On the Outskirts of CRAZY, More Or Less" is still getting daily airplays across USA, Canada, Europe & other foreign countries!
Song list:
1. On the Outskirts of CRAZY, more or less
2. Fire Dances 'Cross the Skies
3. Black Hills, Blue Skies
4. Ozark Melody
5. J Bar H Rodeo
6. Livin' the Cowboy Way
7. I'm Here With You
9. I Wanna Lead 'em
10. Mother Sage
11. Nearly a Full Moon
12. Watchin' the Rain Fall Down
Just wanted you to know how pleased Mom was with your latest CD. She said if Dad were still alive he'd be struttin like a peacock. Hope you had a great Christmas! I'll be sending for 3 more next week...."
Nancy Jo

"By the way, I've been meaning to tell you. When I was a kid, we used to go to the Camdenton Rodeo every year. I saw Rex Allen & Koko there several times. And I think one year, Roy and Dale were there. I just played your song "J Bar H Rodeo" on my show today :-)."

Marvin O'Dell
Around the Campfire
Veteran Soldier's Radio

Order today!!

Lotsa New Adds...Places to Hear the Music! - January 20, 2013

"I would like to say what a great CD "Fire Dances" is and what a joy it is to listen to original songs that do not sound like every one else out there..what a wonderful talented person you are and the fact that you keep writing and singing is an inspiration to us all. The world will never grow weary of great music...please keep it going...I'm a fan..." Wyndi Harp, Franklin, Tennessee

1. "Thanks for the wonderful music, we are playing your songs on the Whittler's Corner Show.
Skip Bessonette and Butch Martin
Sons of the Oregon Trail"

2. "They have arrived and I will be putting them in the rotation. Good music!!! Thanks.
Ronnie Cook
Pikes Peak Opry

"I am happy to be playing this fine CD on my show Around the Campfire on The songs here are contemporary with the traditional cowboy material that we all love and enjoy. The production is right up there with the finest music being released for commercial radio today - and yet somehow Brenda Libby has managed to maintain the cowboy sound. Anyone who loves cowboy music should get themsevles a copy of this excellent cowboy/western CD." Marvin O'Dell

""Crazy" is a great CD! Like every song and I have played most of them on my show. Brenda writes wonderful songs and performs them beautifully. If you love Western you'll love this CD, as well as her more current releases!" Totsie Slover, Deming Radio, Deming, New Mexico

"Hi Brenda;
Just checked out "Fire Dances Across the Skies" on your you tube channel. It
would be a great fit for "The Spirit of The West." We're syndicated on 18
mainstream commercial country stations and streaming on demand at
You Tube is an effective way to market your music. I wish I could be riding on that drive." Hugh Mclennan

"Brenda,Would love to feature your music on Under Western Skies on KAFF! My motto: “Everyone gets a turn . . . “ Please send CD to Peter Bruce, c/o KAFF, 1117 W. Route 66, Flagstaff AZ 86001."

"Got'er and will play today....probably play "Crazy" also..."
Tommy Tucker, Lewiston, Idaho

"Oh wow Brenda - now I can't wait to read your books when you get them done. You do have such a way with words :-)"
Samantha, The Lake Today, Editorial Dept.

"Hi Brenda ,
Just a quick thank you note for the two cd's you sent. Am sitting listening to Fire Dances cd now .. great songs and voice .. thank you again!
Your songs will sure be added to my shows ...

all the very best.

Wyn,New Zealand
Oamaru Heritage Radio 88.3fm & 107fm
Fielding NZCMR 107.3fm
The Peaks Radio 88.5fm"

Thanks so much for sending along your “Fire Dances” and “Ozark Melody” CDs. I will be using cuts 1,3,4,6,7 and 11 from your “Fire Dances” CD on my “Swingin’ West” radio shows.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!

"Best of luck with the releases!
Charley Engel
aka Chuckaroo The Buckaroo
Calling All Cowboys Radio"

"Hi Brenda

Thanks for your mail! I have been to your website.

If you would like to send me some of your music, I will make sure it is played on my show.

Take care
Ray Grundy
Metro Country

"You know Brenda I finally sat down over the weekend and listened to your music and does it ever have the WOW factor..I've loved to hear you sing since I was a kid...There is a radio station here in Orange County that plays exclusively music by women and your music could be premiered. I know my close friend has had her music played on this station and had super results..I will get the name and contact info if you want me to and forward it to you...There is a large country music market here and it would be cool to hear some of songs played here in southern california...Let me know and I will get that to you." Marvin Rowland

"Howdy Brenda,
Thank you so much for sending your music to me. I have listened to both, very well done, I love every track - all 24 of 'em!
Thanks again for sending your material, You will be in my rotation!

Joe Baker
Backforty Bunkhouse Productions"

LATEST: on the MUSIC!! - March 7, 2012

Hugh McLennan, SPIRIT OF THE WEST, wrote up a sweet review in Canada's Cowboy Country Magazine, dec./jan. issue, on Brenda Libby's new CHILLED:

“You’ll be hearing several of the CHILLED songs on my future “Spirit of the West” programs, but if there’s one that could make it famous, it’s a song called “Oh, My Child”. Beautifully written and sung, it sets the scene of an aging rancher and his daughter riding along moving cattle, as he hopes there’ll be a cowboy in her future. It features a moving narration by Tony Smith of the Spencer Creek Ranch...and it is sure to get to You the way it got to me.”
Hugh McLennan, Canadian Cowboy Country Mag
(Hugh also mentions Charlie Chalmers (the producer)sax playing on the dreamy song "Whisper in the Wind" of his favs. Charlie at:

and the new release has been tooted as a BEST OF THE WEST in TRUE WEST'S jan issue! Here is an online link to the feature:

"It's cold & rainy outside here today, but nice and warm inside where we have your CD turned up loud in the store and Your video playing on the computer in the back room. I knew it would be good, but it's beyond expectation. I've always loved your music and this CD is actually giving me chills. It's just awesome and I'm going to play it all day until I know all the words to every song......"
Mark Hohenshell, Marsala's Market, Old St. Charles, Missouri

"Hey Girlfriend:
Been a long time, but I have been keeping up on your music and all the acclaim your music
has been getting." Linda Bradfield Wyman, Potosi, Missouri

RE: Sweet, Sweet Lies...
"Hello Brenda:

Myron Smith gave me your email address. First let me say hello and congratulate you on writing a great country song. Myron did an outstanding job in the studio recording it." Norfolk Southern manager

"Many congrats to you, Brenda. I'm glad to see that you're getting recognition for your western work. It's much deserved. I'm also glad you're getting played from this CRAZY CD. I play from it every week. It's one of the better-produced western CD's out there."
Marvin O'Dell

Just wanted you to know how pleased Mom was with your On the Outskirts of CRAZY CD. She said if Dad (Jonny Rivers) were still alive he'd be struttin like a peacock. Hope you had a great Christmas! I'll be sending for more next week...."
Nancy Jo

"Have been away from FB for a little while, so just now getting caught up. Thanks so much for sending the cd, it's very good! Have had it in my truck, and have been enjoying your songs. Good songwriting, and love your voice! I think my favorite song is "Livin the Cowboy Way", but they're all good! Have a happy new year, and hope to see you down the trail!" Open Range (Linda & Rick)

Was recently alerted that the Top 10 album of 2011 w/WMA, "On the Outskirts of CRAZY... More or Less", has been nominated for album of the 2012 year w/the Academy of Western Artists & Brenda Libby has also been nominated for female artist of the year, as well!

On the Outskirts of CRAZY & the new CHILLED will make Great Christmas/Birthday gifts for those easy goin', hard to buy for folks who enjoy "Livin' the Cowboy Way"~

Where You Can Request Songs by Brenda Libby or Download CRAZY CD~ - October 27, 2011

You can now download individual songs or the entire CRAZY album on
Here is the direct address:

New adds: Doc Stovall,WBHF,Cowboys and Campfires, Atlanta, GA area.
Marshal Allen Bailey, High Plains Public Radio, Garden City, Kansas 67846
Eddy Leverett, WKUL Cullman, AL, Around the Campfire
Joe Baker, Ruidoso, NM
Totsie Slover, The Real West From The Old West, Deming, New Mexico
Peter Bruce, KAFF Radio, Route 66, Flagstaff, AZ 
Donna Howell, “GottaDance” KSFR 101.1 FM, Santa Fe, NM area.
Dallas & PJ McCord, Cowboy Culture Corner, KNND 1400 AM, Creswell, OR
Hugh McLennan, McLennan Ranch, Pinantan, BC, Canada
Marvin O'Dell, "Around the Campfire", KKRN Redding,CA
Bruce Pollock, Range Radio,AM 1410 The Range, Western Belle of KSJD, CowTrails Show, Mancos,Colorado
Tommy Tucker, KRLC Radio, Lewiston, ID
Graham Lees, Radio HWD, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK

Some of the cuts from the new CD can be heard,by request, as WE speak, on radio stations in: KS95 Lake Radio Versailles, Mo., Cheyenne & Laramie & Casper, Wyoming, Colorado, Oklahoma,Sturgis & Spearfish, SD & also in Rapid City, SD!

More being added each day!!

Deming, New Mexico radio station's Totsie Slover is now spinning cuts from the new CRAZY CD. Totsie has been an avid supporter & WE thank her greatly for all the spins thusfar...each week she has featured another cut from the CRAZY CD!! Marvin O'Dell has added some radio programs, i believe...check w/him about all his endeavors as he also spins tunes from the new CRAZY CD.
Bruce Pollock of Range Radio is featuring: Livin' the Cowboy Way, I'm Here With You and I RIDE MUSTANGS!!! On the internet Range and in Lompoc, California Range Radio!

Business places across the US are playing their favorite cuts for their customers.
Someone requested that WE have the new CRAZY CD for sale in Linn Creek, Missouri at the Redwood Diner, as it is the "coffee meeting place" for Camden County. What do You think? Got a place where our music would fit??
Ask Your favorite hangouts to do the same!!

Tell YOUR favorite Radio Station personality to request their copy to spin~
Send an email to: or leave a message here.

The Latest! - August 12, 2011

Brenda Libby's new CRAZY CD is a top 10 finalist for Album of 2011, w/WMA!
2011 Award Nominations.....
All WMA Members in good standing were sent ballots on August 10. Contact Marsha Short if you did not receive a ballot. Final ballots must be postmarked by September 15, 2011.

Most performers have websites linked to the WMA website under the "Performers" tab.


o American – Don Edwards

o Austin to Boston – R. W. Hampton

o The Cowboy Ain’t Dead Yet, Vol. III – R. J. Vandygriff

o Cowboy Country – Robert Wagoner

o Equine – Brenn Hill

o Eyes of a Cowboy – J Parson

o Let ‘er Go, Let ‘er Buck, Let ‘er Fly – Juni Fisher

o Morning Coffee – Richard Martin

o On the Outskirts of Crazy, More or Less – Brenda Libby

o West of the 98th Meridian – Allan Chapman

o Windmill in the Sunset – Earl Gleason

(in good company, thanks!!)

July 1 & 2, Lake of the Ozarks Rodeo! - June 19, 2011

SongWriter, author, Brenda Libby will perform J Bar H Rodeo & several other tracks from her new CRAZY CD at the 1st Lake of the Ozarks Rodeo, near Camdenton, Missouri, SAT. nite.
Stock contractor: McKellips, MCRA & URA, 11 rodeo events each nite. BL will also be there to sign autographs, her CD will be available & she will proudly & patriotically sing the National Anthem~
Sat. morning, BL will be at the Camdenton Farmers Market w/Sandy Nelson & others from the Rodeo to meet & greet friends & fans of the past & grand J Bar H Rodeo & the song!
Story in The Lake Today:

Feature story on artist, Brenda Libby, posted on the web: Listed under feature stories: MUSIC: "it's just in You"...
RE: the new CRAZY CD she got, Donna said: "this afternoon I listened to every cut and I'll probably be playing 2,3,6,11 and 12 over the coming year...and I'll use 10 for my two-step class...great words, solid beat. Lotsa good stuff here. If you're ever headed to Santa Fe, let me know and we'll do an interview."
Donna Howell
KSFR 101.1 FM
Santa Fe Public radio

Check out a sample of what You will be hearing on the new CRAZY, More or Less CD by Brenda Libby. "Fire Dances 'Cross the Skies" is #2 on the new album & is a galloping, true story of a night BL spent in Wyoming between Casper & Cheyenne, as a tornado hit the SE portion of the state & blew over into Nebraska & the skies were aglow w/their colorful & loud magic~
(BL is so thankful that God gave her the energy to record the excitement on her handheld recorder...later finished the song, at home)
BL had been wanting to mention Lingle, Wyoming and the Platte River in her music for some time...and this was the perfect opportunity! Let US know what ya think?
Latest on new places to hear the CRAZY CD on radio/internet: has recently said "Yes...WE'll play the new CRAZY cd!"
They should be sending it out over the airwaves in the next week. So, tune in and request Your favorite cuts! Based in California, their traditional, classics & WEsterns are available to listen to via Your internet virtually AnyWhere~ CRAZY!!

Marvin O'Dell is rockin' & rollin' the new CRAZY cd cuts, like "Fire Dances 'Cross the Skies", all o'er the world!
All You need is internet connection & You are there listenin' w/the troops EVERYWHERE..
http://www.vetsol­ Thanks for all Your support, Marvin!! Rock on~

This week, of the 1st week of April, has welcomed a few more radio stations ready to play the new CRAZY CD on their various programs.

Totsie Slover of The Real West from the Old West in Deming, New Mexico has been featuring a different song each week since the first part of Feb.

Graham Lees featured "Fire Dances 'Cross the Skies" on his Western Hour in the UK this week on Radio HWD.

Marvin O'Dell, Around the Campfire on Veteran Soldier's Radio, The Western Way in Palm Springs, California, Donna Howell, KSFR 101.1 fm in New Mexico, Dallas & PJ McCord, on KNND 1400AM, Tommy Tucker, KRLC Radio, Lewiston, Idaho, Barbara Richhart "Western Belle of KSJD" Mancos, Colorado have jumped on board & will be featuring Brenda Libby's CRAZY check some of Your favorite places to listen.

Ask them to request their Media copy of YOUR KINDA MUSIC~
And, thanks for all the support. This is fun AND it's G rated & i believe it may even be considered Good for What ails ya~

Brenda Libby shares the stage w/Photographer of the American West - January 15, 2011

Check out the new Montage on Brenda Libby's facebook page.

David R. Stoecklein, Photographer of the American West, has kindly allowed BL to use some of his action pics to help tell the story of track #2 on the New CRAZY CD...
"Fire Dances 'Cross the Skies".

This song gallops from beginning to end & takes ya from Casper to Cheyenne, Wyoming via a south of Lingle stampede & a cool down near a North Platte River town~

Saddle up & hol' on for the RIDE!
You may find that You will wanna order the CD after hearing this original from Brenda Libby.

Each of the 12 tracks takes ya somewhere else, w/a different rhythm & a diff mood...but all original & fresh.
Oh, and G rated!!
The entire family can listen, no one will be offended & several will wanna listen more than once~
"addicted to words & music"
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