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Brenda Libby: Bio

It has always been "taken for granted" that Brenda could write and sing.
The artist refers to herself in this way:
"Songwriting is my addiction of choice, music is my salvation"
Since completing her last CD, the songwriter has jumped into the mix headfirst! Everyday is another day to write. Each morning, she starts the Dark Canyon, Big West coffee (she loves this stuff) and silently wonders what will provoke the next song.
There are times, even she doesn't know from whence it came! You will always be allowed to "color outside the lines", to peek inside her "hallway of memories", just a bit, when you listen to this Ozark girl. She will saddle up ol' Paint and take you riding from the rolling hills of Missouri to the Tetons in Wyoming. From berry patches and farm life to lonely hearts found at the end of nowhere and son of a gun!
Whether you are in the mood for barefootin' & banjos...campfires & bathin' in the Sinks...or, perhaps; cellos & haunting, melodic melodies or two steppin' country steel & fiddles...
You have found a home. Stay a while. Put your feet up & join Brenda's large "Cornbread 'n Beans" family.

More bio info on Brenda Libby:

Music bio...
Began singing & dancing on the kitchen table at 2.
Filled my dress skirt with money by entertaining Camden County, Mo. officials in their offices during the early '50's.
Continued playing my guitar and singing in the Camden County Courthouse in the evenings and would receive requests from the prisoners upstairs, as my voice echoed throughout the empty rooms.
Skipping onto the stage, I played my first gigs with Joe Libby, my oldest bro, at the Camdenton High School in 1956 & '57.
1963, joined up with the Greenview Opry for the summer. (Dick Childers, Kelly Edwards, Jerry Cox, Terry Mays and Susie Ginnings).
1964, entered Lee Mace's Ozark Opry talent search and soon became a member of the cast for 2 years. Performing at the lake show, on KRCG-TV in Jefferson City and traveling around the midwest.
1965-1968, Performed on Slim Wilson Show out of Springfield, Missouri, on KY3 TV with the Slim Wilson Trio. (Speedy Haworth)
1967-1969, Joined the cast of the Country Music Hall at the Lake of the Ozarks. (Tony Smith, Bob & Ruth Noland, Denver & Charlie Golden)
1970, Opened Country Shindig, Osage Beach, Mo, on my bday, May 25th to a capacity + crowd! (Steve West, Denver Golden, Gene Barnes, Terry Martin, Buddy Fizer, Jeanne & Joe Libby, & Denny Hilton was the first year cast) (Later, Dennis McCall, Thom Gumm, Myron Smith, Frank Williams, Rick George, Stan & Wendell Stidham, Sally Libby & Jeanne Stidham would perform)
During my time associated with Country Shindig, I opened and sang w/Conway Twitty, Mel Tillis, Dolly Parton, Lynn Anderson, Barbara Mandrell, Louise Mandrell, Irlene Mandrell, David Houston, Nat Stuckey, Connie Smith, Porter Waggoner & Loretta Lynn.
1973-1975, Was lead singer for the Tan Tar A Suns at Burton Duenke's Tan Tar a, Osage Beach, Mo.
1975-1982, Performed single and w/bands at Lodge of the Four Seasons, Lake Ozark, Mo. Also was featured at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel in St. Louis and on KPLR-TV in St. Louis.
1978-1980, Spent several months in Nashville, Tenn. writing with my mentors.
1980's, continued writing and raising my children.
1983, Give It Back, on Comstock Records, broke into the Top 50's in USA and was a Top 20 hit in Canada for several weeks into 1984. Flipside, We Don't Make Sense Anymore, was also played in Canada.
1989, Released Texas Rain in Europe on Comstock Records. Became a #17 in France, England, and most other countries in Europe.
1993, Moved to Wyoming and continued writing.
1998, Had thyroid surgery and lost my singing voice for over 2 years.
God is Good. He blessed it back. Not perfect, but back!
1999-2002, manager and on air personality for KPIN, Wyoming. Was part of news media invited to attend Pres. Geo. Bush's arrival/departure from Jackson, Wyo.
From mid 2002 to present day,
The "addicted to words & music" misfit has written more tunes than her Grandma could shake a stick at! lol
She's stared down the barrel o' a few illnesses & climbed right back up & kicked 'em aside. Still starin' & darin'...
Still writin', Still Crazy...
And, Totally Xcited about each one o' her babies~